Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Writer's Reality

The First
            Practice makes perfect.   So they say.   I had forty-four romances published, the first in 1975 and the last in 1992.   Today, when I read the first one I think, okay, not bad.   And when I read the last one I think, did I really write this?   The improvement is glaringly obvious; it’s there in the style, the narrative and the dialogue, and yes, practice does bring about an improvement that will be noticeable to yourself and your readers.   If you have any doubts about your work then try this exercise and you might be pleasantly surprised.

             Writing can be a very lonely occupation, it just depends how you look at it.   Authors will tell you that their characters become so real that they almost write their story themselves; that they’re like friends they’re reluctant to say goodbye to at the end of the novel.   Tell this to someone who isn’t a writer and they think you’ve got a screw loose.   If your characters are real to you, then they’ll become real to the reader.   And yes, they do become like old friends; friends you never forget.
The Last

            To get back to what I said about writing sometimes being a lonely occupation – I can’t say that I ever found it so.   My characters came alive for me the moment I started writing about them, they popped out of the pages and took on a life of their own.   In that way I was never alone, they were always there, egging me on to write more about their activities, whether joyful, passionate or sad.   Those friends have never left, they’re still here, ever young, and part of a family to which I will always belong.


  1. I have lived with these friends of yours for many years and I want to thank you for allowing me to share you with them. Sometimes it was very hard to get your attention as they could be very selfish and reluctant to release you. But on the whole it has been wonderful and I do not mind. At the moment it is Cindy???? I like her very much and wish her the best of luck. I must also have a scew loose as she is very much alive not so?

  2. I too just wrote a whole long nice comment then lost it, seems best to sign into your own blog first then comment. Loved listening to you talk about your stories and characters over the years. Every time I came to the end of one of your books, I felt somewhat down and happy at the same time, it was because I had to leave the characters behind to get on with their lives,I wanted more but then was satisfied. Glad you writing again, missed that.

  3. I'm top of the list to read your writing, right? You sure do have a way of bringing things alive Aunty Yvonne, and not only in your writing. Your photography generally takes my breath away - oh, to have an eye such as yours! At least I have the honour and privilege to call you my Aunty, and that's good enough for me!