Wednesday, 2 March 2011


            Whoa !! … Stop the bus, I need to get off and do some serious walking.  Have you ever stood on the beach with a shallow wave washing over your feet only to feel the sand being sucked out underneath you moments later, threatening to make you lose your balance as the wave pulls back to once again become a part of the ocean?

            There are days when everything becomes too much; days when, figuratively speaking, we feel as though we’re losing our balance, our grip on life.   To maintain that balance in our lives there has to be an ‘ebb and a flow’, a ‘coming and a going’, a ‘giving and a taking’, a rhythm, or an oscillation, if you will.   It’s when we start moving out of that natural pulse of life that we start losing control and fail to cope.
            This is when we need to put on the brakes, before we go into an almighty skid  and end up crashing, emotionally and physically.
           Take a break, look around you, and draw a deep breath.   Let God’s peace flow through you, let it heal you and refresh you.   Feel the sun on your face or the rain on your tongue.   Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, and think about the wonder of being alive in this awesome world that God created.
            ‘There is a time for everything,
            and a season for every activity under heaven.’
                                    Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Wow Aunty Yvonne. I just love reading your writing. I can hear your voice in the words!

  2. Loved this post - it really spoke out - keep 'em coming...